[Updated May 2015] Wendy’s had closed all their outlets in Singapore.

There are no official statements issued yet, but an article on Yahoo Singapore confirmed that the fast-food chain has closed their last outlet at National University of Singapore.

They used to have outlets at Lau Pa Sat, Jurong Point, Liat Towers, Holland Village, Yishun 10, Century Square, V Hotel, Kopitiam City Buangkok, Jurong East, Suntec City and University Town.

Various reasons could lead to their closure – the usual high rental and manpower challenges affecting most F&B businesses in Singapore. However, I feel that the lack of advertising (contrast Wendy’s with other fast-food chains in terms of media exposure), visibility and food quality are some of the major contributing factors. Oh well.

[Previous Entry] Wendy’s first came to Singapore in Dec 2009, with long long long queues at Lau Pat Sat. It is true that I seldom bother to queue up for food, especially fast food. To fight with the crowd at CBD was also unthinkable. So I hoped over there on a Sunday morning for their breakfast.

Wendy’s is well-known for its signature square burger patties. And the Breakfast Combos and Mornin’ Melt Panini with Chicken Sausage or Smoked Turkey are very popular overseas.

With toasty sourdough bread with cheddar cheese, tomatoes, eggs and sausage, it ought to taste very delicious. As I took a big bite, the disappointment was difficult to erase. Somehow it was rather lukewarm and not as hearty a meal as I would imagine.

The Breakfast Combo was a close alternative to Mac’s Big Breakfast, and I always wonder why it would cost so much more for the same ingredients in a Mornin’ Melt to be placed apart. I somehow find the colours rather muted and therefore unappetizing.

Perhaps it was also the rather lazy, less-spirited ambience of the restaurant and staff which dulled the overall eating experience. Perhaps there was too high an expectation after all that hype.

Brought in by the Kopitiam Group, the 3rd largest American fast food chain, it has plans to open another 35 branches over the next decade. Let us hope that it can push towards a very colourful and vibrant experience like what my friends get overseas. I will be back for lunch one day.

[Closed] Wendy’s, 18 Raffles Quay Unit #46 Lau Pa Sat Festival Market Tel:+65 6225 8335
Opening Hours: Mon–Sat: 7.30am – 10pm; Sun: 7.30am – 12am


  1. Yes, do go back to try the chicken for lunch. =) I too am not that impressed with breakfast. But the chicken is juicy, with juice bursting out of the meat when I bite on it, yet not fatty at all. Reminds me of kampung chicken I’ve eaten in M’sia, though not quite.

  2. New Wendy’s Singapore sucks ..
    Nothing close to the first Wendy’s that was here in the 80’s at Far East Plaza ..
    I joined the queue at GV Yishun and totally regretted …
    It has lost its original good taste…

    Don’t even serve the Baconator … …


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