Before Ippudo came to town, the most positively reviewed yet unnoticed ramen shop was Santouka. My friend recommended me as “the little corner shop near the escalator next to the Shanghai Noodle Shop” at Central.

Central should be renamed “Ramen in Wonderland”. Finding Santouka in this maze can be quite a challenge for the unfamiliar, and yet there is already a long queue in line for the famed ramen. If you are lucky (like me), you can take a bench seat with a picturesque riverside view of Clarke Quay. How more romantic can you get.

Santouka ever won the 1st place winner in the most delicious ramen noodle salt-flavoured soup category by the popular magazine “Hokkaido Walker” in the year 2006. And coming from colder seasonal Hokkaido, the ramen is the springy chewy type with a salty milky thick broth. If that’s your cup of tea.

The house speciality is the Tokusen Toroniku, which comes with a piping hot bowl of ramen in broth, and the pork cheek on a separate plate. It is said to be limited to 60 servings per day. This is because a few hundred grams of pork cheek can be retrieved in each pig. No wonder the costly price tag of $19.90.

Frankly, I had a hard time trying to get myself the mental barrier of eating ‘the face’ of a pig. To its credit, the pork cheek was superbly tender, soft, fatty and melts almost instantly in your mouth, see if you have the cheek to eat it all. Little Pig Little Pig, what tasty cheeks you have!

Ramen Santouka, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street #02-76 The Central Tel:+65 6224 0668
Opening Hours: 11.00am – 9.30pm Daily

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