As Chinese New Year approaches, here’s a little recipe for a simple dessert that can make 12-16 muffin-like cakes to be shared. With soft fluffiness, sweet aroma and the slight taste of Mandarin oranges, it’s an auspicious start to the New Year. This is good opportunity to use some of the Mandarin oranges that you do not know what to do with as well.

3/4 Mandarin Oranges
3 Eggs
180g sugar (or custard sugar)
180g butter (unsalted and loose)
170g self-rising flour
1 tsp vanilla essence

1. Boil the mandarin oranges in one cup water for about 90 minutes. Remove the seeds of the mandarin oranges and mix into a pulp. Leave the skin of the oranges in.

2. Sift together self-rising flour, then add vanilla essence, set aside.
3. In a mixing bowl, whisk together butter and sugar first.
4. Then add in self-rising flour and eggs and whisk till ribbon stage. (Add in a little flour, then a little egg and a little flour in sequence, rather than all at the same time.)

5. Mix in mashed oranges, beat till combine.
6. Line Muffin Cups with floor and butter.

7. Pour Batter into muffin cups.
8. Steam over high heat for 30mins or till an inserted skewer comes out clean.

The cakes are healthier and store quite well. Some say that the texture reminds them of a mini and fluffier ‘Huat’ cakes. Serve them warm with vanilla sauce or ice cream and a slice of Mandarin orange. Yumz!

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  1. Hi daniel!! Will like to try making this! May i know how long the cakes can store? Say i make the cakes today, can i keep them in the fridge overnight and eat them the next day? Thanks!!

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