It started with the wedding of Jamie and Kristin. They wanted a different and creative souvenir for their wedding guests, and what was more apt than their favourite candies from Australia customised with their names.

Fast forward two years later, their daughter is a year old, and their Sticky shop at Central one and half years in operation. Jamie and Kristin left their day jobs and ventured into the risky franchise business of candy-making, doing what they enjoy eating.

Although tucked at a little corner of basement one, it is hard to miss the bright pink walls and colourful lollies of various flavours. Sticky offers hand-made candies, and the lollies are created right before your eyes at their shop front. All confectioners have to go through a blind-test, making a batch of sweets from start-to-end blindfolded.

You can choose from a varied mix of selections from Watermelon Rock, Acid Drops, Banana, Lychee Pillows and Strawberries & Cream. If you are wondering, yes, Durian is still in the making.

And while typing this, I am trying their popular “Acid Drops”, probably inspired by our familiar “Super Lemon”. Take a first suck, and you would go “Wah” and immediately wake up if you are droned by boring work. And as you continue with your suck, you appreciate the citrus-sweet robust-zesty taste.

For some sweet treats for the festive period next week, their Valentine “I Love You” or CNY “Tiger” are already available. Or customise some like “I Love XXX”, “Hug Me”. And yes, Chinese words inclusive. I saw a bottle with the words “Customer Satisfaction” within, and that’s quite a handful of words to be squeezed into a candy rock.

Sticky, The Central 6 Eu Tong Sen Street B1-54/55, Singapore 059817 Tel : +65 6238 5178

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