Order your food with a talking pen? Ridiculous it may sound, but trust the Japanese to come out with something like this.

Ebisboshi Shotengai, the new gimmicky place which gathered 7 Japanese restaurants at Iluma, attempts to make your ordering a breeze. (I shall talk more about the food next time as it was surprisingly better than expected.)

So here’s what happen
a) You scan the pen over the food on the menu to select the item you want
b) Scan over a quantity you want (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)
c) You get to review, cancel or confirm
d) Walah…. Job and food delivered, without even need a waiter

Save cost, save time, save the trouble. That’s supposedly the Ideal situation. Supposedly.

There were certain moments when I felt like a total i****, trying frenziedky to scan the pen over my Kani Nabe. Waitress walked over and said “It’s really simple.” Nah-Nah. She scanned for more than 10 times, gave up and got another menu. She didn’t have the choice to get a paper.

Same waitress came to my table to check several times. Fortunately, I only wanted to order 2 items. I wanted to cancel my drink actually, but gave up because I can’t find the word “cancel” or “order zero” on the menu.

The pen talks and repeats your order by the way. You know, that robotic voice. Kind of amusing.

I wonder what would happen if I wanted more vegetables, add an egg to my soup… oh, and with chilli power, two extra bowls, and iced water. Or can the talking pen explain to me what’s the Special of the Day?

Apparantly, the entired Pen system cost about $160,000. It can reduce up to half of the serving team and cashiers. It was fun but a tad too frustrating.

Share with me your experiences with this talking pen. Like it or hate it?

Ebisboshi Shotengai, 201 Victoria Street, #04-08 Iluma @ Bugis, Singapore, Tel: +65 6835 7056
Opening Hours: Weekdays: 11am– 10.30pm; Weekends: 11.00am – 11.30pm



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