Oh, ANOTHER Ice Cream Café selling local flavoured ice cream, but don’t we have Island Creamery, Udders, Ice Cream Chefs already? LICK, short for Little Ice Cream Kafe, first caught my attention after many of my foodie friends became fans of the café on Facebook.

Located at Tanjong Katong Road, the ice cream-makers got their location right considering the proximity to schools such as Tanjong Katong Girls, Tanjong Katong Secondary School and my alma mater Chung Cheng High. I went there on a Saturday, but could very well imagine the potential crowd it could attract, knowing how this can be a great and colourful hangout place for the young. And this, is one stretch of unpublicised shophouses where interesting food eateries assemble.

When asked what the secret recipe to LICK was, the two owners just said it was a matter of try and error. And when they had the opportunity to open a shop, they had the “Just Do It” mentality. They had the passion and love for ice cream, which was their main driving force. Brave indeed.

Therefore, armed with an ice cream machine and a year of experimentation, without attending any special classes or having a ‘shifu’, the sisters-in-law pair managed to come up with 30 different ‘local’ flavours. Their other selling point was to include mix-ins such as nuts, cereals and chocolates, blended together on a special granite slab.

I bought 4 flavours of Kaya Toast/Nutella and Lychee/Mango combinations. The fruity mix was easily the more popular one among my friends, getting favourable comments that the ‘Hawaiian tasting combi’ was cooling, refreshing yet not too sweet. The Lychee flavour was unusually very creamy, done on purpose by the owners to differentiate from the lychee sorbets available elsewhere. The ‘Breakfast combi’ felt a little more ordinary, and some crispy toast mix-ins should add more crunch and oomph.

The texture of the ice cream reminded us of those sold by those push-carts uncles when we were young – thick, milky and dense. Best tried by slowly licking indeed. Delightful in its own way.

LICK gathered the winning formulas of the other ice cream cafes – proximity to schools, local-made flavours, mix-ins. cosy and colourful ambience, and a photo display board. My little take is this new kid on the block can be more creative on their flavours to the untried such as Ice Kachang, Bobo Cha Cha and Cheng Teng to get a winning edge. My take – not bad. Try it and lick it.

LICK Little Ice Cream Kafe, 258 Tanjong Katong Rd Singapore 437460, Tel:+65 6440 8526
Opening Hours: Sun–Thu: 1pm – 11pm; Fri–Sat & PH Eve: 1pm – 12am

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  1. Hmm, so i hear from the vines. The sister in laws pair DO have a “shifu” just down the road.

    As the similarities are rather obvious and in your face.. Not coincidentally, their ideas, concept, etc were’nt simply plucked from thin air. Well, at least there was the decency (or not!) to invert the colours of the signboards/logos.

    Not brave, if you ask me.


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