Some numbers for this entry: Queued at 5:30pm. Got in at 6:30pm.
Number of people left at the queue: 30 plus.

Watami Group: founded in 1984 by Watanabe Miki at the age of 24.
This branch at Ion Orchard: 631th branch in the world. No joke.

Number of friends in this group dinner: 6.
Number of dishes + dessert ate: 15.
Price paid each: $20.50 (Cheap! considering location)

Number of dishes to be recommended: A few. Hotate Butter Yaki (Sinfully delicious), Sapporo Miso Ramen (Thick and salty), Sukiyaki Nabe (Tasty, but the portion can be better), Wafu Hotokuchi Steak (Tender), Irodori Sushi Grandeur (Colourful), Hot Choco Brownie (Must order!)

Number of waitresses who served us: 3
Number of waitresses who knelt down to take orders: 2 (When asked why, she turned red-faced and she said it’s a show of good service standards and gratitude to customers.)
Number of hand waves to get attention of a Watami waitress: 6
Time needed for waitresses to walk over after acknowledgement: 70 sec (Too many people lah)

The overall Watami experience was a pleasant one, due to the large variety of Japanese quality food. My friends and I decided that almost everything we tried were good, except the Tempura. The fried Ebi had the “I-can-fry-the-batter-better-at-home” taste, so give the Tempura a miss. Service can be a little slow due to the heavy weekend crowd. The interior design had a homely, cosy yet classy feel so it’s an appropriate place for dates or group outings.

Watami Group’s slogan is “to receive the most number of thank-yous in the world”. I would say “Thank You”, and probably come again … when there’s no queue.

Watami, 2 Orchard Turn, #B3-23 ION Orchard, Singapore, Tel:+65 6509 9366
Opening Hours: 11.30am – 10pm Daily

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  1. Hi Minty Sky, as I said, we waved many times to get the attention of the waitresses. Which is why I said, I will probably go when it’s less crowded and when they can have more attention on customers.

  2. i was reading about Watami and I realise they have another outlet like in Central or something. I’ll prolly head there since you all commented on the queue.

  3. You definitely must go back again. =) And again, and again.

    My friend and I visited Watami for the first time quite recently. We queued for a long while as well, during dinner peak hours. But once in, service and food serving was speedy enough.

    And I agree with you that practically everything we ordered was nice. And nice all the way to foodie heaven.

    They served purified water for the iced water by the way. And both of us could taste the refreshing difference.

    Already been back the second time. And still intend to go back for more. haha. =)


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