The usual man on the street will think twice before entering any restaurants Level 1 and above at Ion Orchard. “Check the price first!” While those below Level 1 are enjoying queue lines, the ones above are priced at the higher level as well.

It was sheer curiosity that made me want to try out Canton-I, very chic east-meets west décor, and prices are a notch higher than Crystal Jade’s for the same kind of food. No queue, try lah.

You can watch the chefs chop their roasted meat behind a glass room near the entrance, seated on white furniture with decorative white blossom motifs and pink accents. I won’t exactly call it classy, a little to the ching-cheong side, but it has an air of richness within.

What’s going to a Cantonese restaurant without trying it’s Wanton Noodles right? The Signature Prawn Wonton Noodles does remind me of those served in Hong Kong, the usual springy noodles with fat wantons wrapped with fresh scrimp. While it is certainly quite not bad tasting, it isn’t exactly something you never tried before.

The Congee though, is one of the smoothest I have tried in this country. The texture almost makes you feel that you are eating beancurd, with the rice triggering down your taste buds. And the bowl comes warm, and makes you feel fuzzy in the cool air-con environment.

My eating partner though lamented that the best thing in the restaurant that day was neither the main course or desserts we had, but the soya bean drink. Certainly says much.

The meal for the two of us, came to a posh price of $40 plus! It’s a Blue note! So much for wantee mee and muay… And when you find out that Canton-i hails from our friendly neighbours at Malaysia and not Hong Kong, you really wonder how much is this in ringgit. So 3.5* for the food, but 2* for the price.

The food materials come from Hong Kong though, but nay… Won’t make you go *BoomZ* There are similar choices available if I have a craving for Canton food, and really, Crystal Jade makes you feel a lot more at home.

Canton-i, 2 Orchard Turn, #03-14 ION Orchard, Singapore, Tel: +65 6509 8368
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm Daily

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  1. looks like u r doing a series on Ion. Don’t miss out Itacho Sushi. So far,i have been to Ion 3 times, and all 3 times, i ate at Itacho. Absolutely loved it.


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