Talk about Boardgame cafes and you should be more familiar with Minds Café or Settlers Café, both considered to be ‘big brothers’ in the board game community.

Pitstop Café, while considered fresh to many others, is not exactly a new kid in the block. In fact, they have diversified and even opened a branch in Malaysia last year. Started 4 years ago by very young local entrepreneurs, they breathe a gush of fresh air into what can be considered ‘boring’ board games.

The Ambiance
Entering this little shop on the 3rd level at Circular Road (near Raffles City MRT station), you will be amazed at the number of photos there are on the wall. In fact, the walls contain almost nothing but photos and the menu. It once started as a small ‘graffiti’ corner for patrons to leave their photos as mementoes, and now it’s a testament on how popular this café is with big groups of people.

With multi-coloured furniture and youthful helpers, you just can’t help feeling bright and cheery once again as you step in. In fact, this place felt a little like home – with friends sitting around, chatting, laughing their heads off at another silly mistake made on the board.

The Food
While Pitstop has its staples of New Zealand’s Natural, Gourmet Coffee and usual bite snacks of nuggets and fries, a forte here has to be Mum’s Special. The chef is the mother of one of the owners (affectionally known as ‘Auntie’ to everyone there), and dishes she prepare like Paper-Wrapped Chicken, Sambal Chicken and Fish & Chips has the healthy yet flavoursome goodness of what your own mother will prepare.

The Service
If you get the chance to speak with one of the four bosses Astroboy, Eve, Tim or Mumu, they may just give you the best advice on how to play and win in a board game, and you have more than 200 of them to choose from. They are sometimes serious, yet sometimes cranky. They feel like… a friend you always had?

The Verdict
Pitstop’s main disadvantage is at its hidden location. But if you crave for somewhere to chill out with friends and reminisce the good old days, this is the café to feel right at home.

14B Circular Road Tel:+65 6535 5383
Opening Hours: Mon–Thu: 2pm – 11pm; Fri–Sat: 12pm – 3am; Sun: 12pm – 11pm

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  1. yes! i went there b4! its really a great place to hang out during weekends. relaxing and comfortable seats already won my heart…. haha.. i love the penquin mineral water dispenser

  2. Till date, this is my favourite boardgame hangout place… the passion Eve, Weekee, Timo and Mumu have stir the interest in boardgaming… Without fail, every visit is memorable and my friends will return for more…

    Don’t miss out on their monthly PMS 😀


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