Curry Favor at Novena Square offers a unique curry buffet at $22.80. And you don’t have to worry you only get to eat katsu with 5 different curry sauces, because you do get a good mix of starters like tempura, karaage, croquette, agedashi tofu and unagi.

Buffets are common, but a Curry Buffet, and Japanese for that fact does sound a little …. I don’t know… peculiar?

A little information about Japanese curry: Though curry has its origins from India, the Europeans first introduced it to Japan in late 19th century during the Meiji Era (1869-1913) as a form of western food. Since then, Japanese curry has taken a form of its own and it is distinctly different from its origins. It is not as spicy and usually contains a tinge of sweetness not found in other forms of curry.

And since there is no coconut milk in Japanese curry, it is also seemingly healthier and easier on the stomach compared to other curries.

Curry Favor is the first Japanese Curry specialty restaurant in Singapore. But this branch at Novena is very different from the first store at Stamford House. While the main branch at Stamford had a more classic and rustic charm, this branch spells contemporary and clean-cut with the use of basic black and red. I wonder why the distinct differentiation in look and branding.

General feedback I receive from patrons is that the Novena Branch pales slightly in comparison. Sometimes, it could be because it’s a branch and the whole ambience played a part.

Well, according to Curry Favor, their curries are “carefully created by our Japanese chef in a process that spans more than 5 hours daily. Our signature curry sauce is the essence of our intense research effort, using only fresh vegetables to bring out the spectrum of flavors from carefully selected curry spices”.

I have tasted better Japanese curries, but generally do agree that there is a certain standard in the taste and texture of their curries. Some can be a little too thin or sweet. And I went to one other store where my shirt smelt of curry after walking out.

I have been to Hungrygowhere and noticed that their management team has left a note after a comment. Good work for being responsive. And if you happen to be reading this on my humble blog, I would like my curry to be warmer and appreciate if curries can be refilled. But I know the answer’s a “No”.

While I have no major complains against Curry Favor, one wishes for more variety here. The very fact that it specialises may be a double-edged sword.

238 Thomson Road #03-26/27 Velocity @ Novena Square Tel:+65 6255 2395



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