Thai food remains one of my favourite cuisines, for its rich flavours of spicy, sour, sweet and salty, yet not being too overwhelming. The seemingly harmless tom yum soup that can send quivers down the spine, and Pad Thai which is the ideal example how 4 flavours can go together on a noodle dish and still taste perfect. 

The hunt for Thai food is never ending. From the stalls at Beach road, to eateries contemporary twists found in mall, they just do not feel the same as those found in the land of smiles.  

A friend recommended this little family-based eatery tucked away at the side of Coronation Plaza. It is inconspicuous and would most likely be missed. Look out for “Thai Noodle House” with rows of scrumptious looking Thai cuisines picture at the entrance.

The Ambience
Interestingly, it was an instant memory trip back to Bangkok upon entering the shop. With yellow and green walls, Thai cravings and relics, pictures of the Thai King, and a framed red Premier League shirt bearing autographs, you can almost say there is neatness in this ‘mess’.

Opened by a Thai couple Madam Achara Siripong and her husband, you can be assured of a certain authenticity in its food selection.

The Food
The recommendations include Tom Yum Noodle Soup ($7.00), Thai Green Curry Chicken Noodle ($7.00), Thai Belachan Chilli Fried Rice with Chicken and Egg ($8.50), Fried Beef and Basil Leaf Over Steamed Rice ($8.50).

I had a Thai Olive Rice ($8.50), Fried Sambal Kangkong ($7.50) and Thai Green Chicken Curry ($8.50). Although I am not a rice lover, the olive rice with its generous portions of Chinese black olive and minced pork has a right fluffy texture with light fragrance. It didn’t taste like the ‘normal’ Thai rice we were used to eating, and was right to the bite without the dryness.

The rice went with the fried kangkong, which was fried properly so that it wasn’t too soggy or crunchy. 

The green curry had a decent amount of ingredients, wasn’t too spicy but could be a little too ‘lemak’ (coconut taste) for some. The Thai Ice Tea ($3.00) on the contrary was slightly diluted for my liking, but would please those who do not like it too sweet.  There is more good news – no GST or service charge.

The Verdict
For this no-frills family eatery, with its signature Thai friendly service, I would gladly pay for service though. Definitely a place for authenticity and good Thai memories.

5 Coronation Road #01-03 Coronation Arcade S(269406) Tel:+65 64670104
Opening Hours: Tue-Sun: 11:30am – 9:30pm (Closed on Mondays)

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    I actually have another recommendation for authentic Thai food!
    The stall’s name is called E-San (something like that, I FORGOT!)
    And its located around Sixth Avenue, right opposite the Cold Storage
    Its beside this Brazilian eatery (which serves A LOT OF MEAT!)
    I gave it 4 stars, and you should really try the tom yum and pad thai (ESPECIALLY)
    Oh yea. I heard the Brazilian eatery beside it is good too, for people who love meat. 😀

  2. Hi daniel, what a great review! Thai food being one of my fav cuisine, would like to chip in and rec a gem of a fine at Downtown east called The BASIL INN. It’s right opp cheers and has one of the best Tom Yum talay and green curry chicken I’ve ever tasted outside of bangkok and chiangmai. Their yum mamuang and som tum is pretty awesome too. And you’ll be amazed at the prices coz nothing is priced above 5.50!!! Tell pi pon that you can gin ped mak mak and you’ll get it spicy thai style! heehee 🙂

  3. Hi faithfy, I must admit that downtown east isn’t a place I usually venture to… haha… lack of invitations to chalets. 😛

    But will try it if I do make it there. thanks for the recommendations!

  4. It seems that there a number of Thai food establishments sprouting along Bt Timah Rd…from Thai Noodle House to E-sarn, to the Thai stall at Bar Bar Black Sheep. In the last month, 2 new Thai restaurant have opened, Thai Centrat at Chun Tin and LeWu Cafe at Bukit Timah. Incidentally, LeWu is located near Thai Noodle House, next to Mad Jacks (bukit timah), their Phad Thai and Lemongrass salad is definitely worth trying, not to mention their range of beers. Have yet to try Thai Central, probably will this weekend…Wonder which of these serves the most authentic thai food….. Looks like thai food lovers will be spolit for choice… 🙂

  5. I agree with faithfy! Basil Inn is good, try the steamed fish. 😀 And of course, green curry. 😀 They have awesome beverages too, like lemongrass and Thai milk tea.


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