One could only imagine what kind of food a restaurant called Cz’zar would sell. Italian? Egyptian? Located at Great World City next to up-market fashionable furniture store iwannagohome, you could envisage fine European dining.

Correction. It simply means ‘zhi char’ – in Mandarin literally ‘cook and fry’, in reference to the de rigueur use of frying dishes in woks. 

So it’s hawker food in an atas restaurant …  With exquisite interior design of the signature black and red, along with hanging designer lights, and serving staff tucked in au courant uniforms. No more sweaty uncles and irritable aunties for a change, and of course that comfort comes with a price. 

For the more affordable range, try the value meal of Stew Beef in Claypot ($14.80) which is served with the house special baby octopus dish, soup of the day, fruit and steamed rice. The Cz’zar Curry Chicken ($12.80) is served with steamed egg (think Chinese chawanmushi), sotong ball with chilli sauce, fruit and rice as well. The dishes felt slightly cold, and lacked the warmth that would be generated from wok-frying with a strong fire. 

One of the recommendations was the Longevity Mien Shien ($11.80) generosity garnered with assorted seafood and meat. Without being too oily or salty, the dish tasted better than those commonly found in hawker centres.

Other common fares such as Fried Rice ($9.80) with special in-house sambal belachan and Hor Fun ($11.80) with fresh garoupa fish fillet was slightly above average as well.  

But it was really nothing to scream for. So you would really wondered about paying three or four times more to what it would cost, at the Zion Road hawker stall right opposite (though without the aircon comfort). 

With other dishes costing $10 or more, be prepared to about $30 per person. Simply said, you are paying for the ambience, and not really the food.  So are you willing to pay for this?

Cz’Zar 新品味小厨, Kim Seng Promenade #01-37 Great World City S(237994) Tel:+65 68362520
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm (last order 9.30pm)

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  1. Personally I am okay with a posh place if they get the food right in the first place. So many joints forget that the first and foremost consideration of dining is the quality of the food. As far as I am concerned, the rest are optional extras…


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