Imagine having your Ice Cream made in front of your very eyes. And you can choose whatever you want in it. No kidding.

The one thing unique to this ice cream place at East Coast is the Chef’s Rock. Otherwise known as an ice-plate, this freezing cold sheet of metal allows you to mix and match any combination of munchies into a personalised treat. And the ‘chef’ will ‘fry’ your ice cream right there before you.

Ice Cream Chefs was started by 2 partners who loved desserts and would travel hours just to satisfy their sweet tooth. While they were in the United States, they chanced upon a popular ice cream parlour with such concept and thought that it would be a great idea if Singapore had one.

This concept was then started in Singapore, but with an extension of having the ice cream home-made freshly everyday and catering to the local tastebuds.

The shop is cutesy violet and small, and almost always crowded. The walls are plastered with printed photos and you may spot some celebrities’ leaving their mark in the pictures. (Like Island Creamery)

First pick your favours such as Beanie Vanilla, Milo Peng and Mocha Madness, with the top 3 most popular flavours being Chocolate & Hersheys, Durian Decadence and Kaya Lotee.

Then choose your mix-ins, from the usual Oreos, Kit Kat, M&Ms, Koko Crunch and different type of nuts to be blended together. I hear that the maximum mix-ins they ever had was 8!  And it had to be served on a bowl since it was hugh and overflowing.

Customers have brought their own items for mix ins! Like potato chips (surprisingly nice!??), gourmet chocolates and truffles (from overseas). One even brought in French fries (What was the person thinking?) But the parlour generally ONLY allow dry food.

There was also once where they were catering to a group on the mobile unit and they requested to mixing in some bee hoon noodles and rice that they were having. (!) Fear Factor yah?

The conservative me had a Mrs. Smith with Banana Nut Crunch. The result was a smooth creamy rich ice cream with sweet/sour apples and a great chomp as your teeth sinks in to the crunchy bits.

It’s better than the usual, say cookies and cream because the its fresh and the fillings still retain the bite. (Not lao4 hong1 yet)

Ice Cream Chefs, 520 East Coast Road #01-06 Ocean Park Tel:+65 6446 6355
Opening Hours: Sun–Thu: 12noon – 10pm; Fri–Sat & PH: 12noon – 11pm

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  1. When will the flavours: Nutty peanut butter, oreos and cream, cookies dough and mocha madness be available? I m dying to try it! 😀 😀


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