Ever been to a Pasta place and not sure of the difference between a Fettucine, Linguine or Spaghettini?

If you are confused about your pastas, just remember there are a few basic types which are the Spaghetti (noodle-like thin cylinders), Macaroni (hollow cylinders), Fusilli (swirls) and Lasagna (sheets).

Though it is commonly thought that Marco Polo brought pasta from China, some study show that it was originally introduced by the Arabs! During Marco Polo’s time, pasta products were already made. Hmm…

Here are some of the commonly seen pasta types in Singapore:
Agnolotti – Semi-circular and stuffed
Conchiglie – Sea shell shaped
Farfalle – Bow tie or butterfly shaped
Fettuccine – Thick and flat, literally means ‘little ribbons’ in Italian (some friends call it mee pok!)
Fusilli – Two or three-edged spiral, usually in mixed colours with green and orange
Lasagne – Wide sheet noodles with fluted edges
Linguine – Flattened spaghetti
Orecchiette – Bowl or ear shaped pasta
Penne – Medium length tubes with ridges, remember they are shaped like pens!
Pipe – Larger versions of macaroni
Ravioli – Usually stuffed with cheese or other stuffings
Rotelle – Wagon wheel shaped (I love it dry fried)
Spaghetti – Round-rod pasta
Spaghettini – A thinner form of Spaghetti

Guess the Pasta Quiz – What are the following types of pasta?






Make your Guesses here. Answers will be revealed… next week! Hahaha.

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  1. The Answers:
    LALALA…. you are RIGHT! Is it too easy? I shall post a more challenging one soon!

    pokeymoan: You are very close. I might have said Linguine for the last one too. I think how we can differentiate is that it is flat but narrower than a fettucine.

    Non Italiano: Almost there too! Just remember conchiglie are normally shell-shaped (taste great when there’s some sauce inside. Yum)


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