When The Turquoise Room closed some time back, fans of this Italian casual dining joint hidden at Gillman Village were disappointed.  Me inclusive. There I was recommending my friends to try it, and then it ceased operation after the owners left the country.

Karen, a fan of the room, thought the same too and bought it over! (I wished I had the energy and money (!) to do it.)

From Gillman army barracks, Regal Cinema, Turquoise Room to The Verve, this place has definitely come a long way.

The condominium sounding new name represents Vigour, Spirit and Style. We can see it instantly in the new owners and décor. The owners were young, full of energy and positive vibes, and you could immediately feel they care a lot about this place. It’s like their baby.

As for the ambience, gone was the very casual feel, replaced by a more up market, romantic and classic look.  Guys looking for a venue for their first dates, or girlfriends wanting to have a sweet martini together after work will find this the perfect place to chill out.

Fans of the old Turquoise Room need not worry as The Verve retained the last chef, and  even added new creations to the menu.

For starters, I had the Calamari Fritti ($16). Most eateries would serve their calamari in ring form, and this is prepared quite differently with different parts of the squid. The result is chewy and succulent, best tasted with specially prepared garlic crème.

The signature thin crust pizzas are creatively named, from Vitto, Appolonia, Lucca Marinara, Mancini, and Romano. (Make a wild guess and I may give a prize to the 1st correct answer!) Corleone would be a giveaway.

Some of the favourites here include the Enzo ($19 for 8”, $24 for 12”), with Peking duck spattered generously on fresh handmade dough. Once you get over the barrier of having Hoisin sauce on your Italian pizza, you will be in for an East-West synergic treat.

I had the Confit of Duck fettucine ($26), which had lean scrumptious duck served with olive oil, garlic, topped with wafer-thin crispy prosciutto. Prepared Al Dente style, the pasta has a suitable bite, without being overly oily or dense.

The desserts certainly looked very suitable for adults – Vanilla Cognac ice cream and Mojito Sorbet. Oh…. Don’t get drunk on desserts! Have your ice cream with a hot homemade Calvados Apple Crumble and feel the spirit in it, literally.

Other than Dempsey Road, The Verve is a fresh alternative for trendy dates and wind down drinks. 

7 Lock Road, Ground floor Gillman Village Tel: 64733655 (closed)

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  1. Very disappointed with the service although I didn’t even get to be seated. My family & I wanted to have pizza therefore after hearing your recommendation, we went down ystdy but didn’t know that they closed at around 10pm. We reached there around 9.05pm (we took sometime to look for the place) and was told that the last order is 9pm therefore unable to serve and turned us away. Very disappointed as it was only 5 to 10 mins and they can’t even accomodate. Can U please give a copy of my comment to the boss and get her opinion? Thanks


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