This extremely ulu place is almost impossible to find. (Yes, I am going for my round island search after the previous entry onulu places)

You have been warned: Girls, don’t come alone at night. No bus will reach here. I wonder if cabs will want to drive in. And don’t even try to walk. It’s at least a few kilometers from the main road. It’s like one of those places you watch in movies where kidnappers would hide at.

Yet, it’s fully packed! The carpark was almost full. This is absolute proof that Singaporeans can travel ANYWHERE for food. People travel here for different reasons: It could be because we need a breathing space out of the city buzz. It can certainly fulfill the adventurous streak of some, just like finding a treasure on the map. There is a certain old-school charm which brings out a nostalgic spirit in us.

The Ambience
Located at Singapore Flying Club at Seletar Air Base, you can even catch a plane take off at a distance. Guys can bring your dates here to this dimly litted place to pa-tuo, but make sure you don’t get lost yourself.

Sunset Grill reminds me of the Spec Mess at my old Army camp – run-down, makeshift tables, stone chairs, mosquitoes and rustic. You almost feel that you are in a different country.

The Food
The menu came in a dirty clear holder file, and my heart stopped a second when I saw the price. This is no army canteen price.

The highlight of this pub is the Buffalo Wings which is supposedly tongue torching and tonsil sizzling. There are even 20 levels to choose from (like some 20 level Shaolin/E-mei martial arts). A Level 1 ($17.50 for half a dozen) is only mildly spicy, while a Level 12 is unimaginable.

This is the PERFECT forfeit for the act-gungho friends who say they can eat ANYTHING hot. Alas, even when I can pride myself for eating chilli padi on its own, my skills are only up to Level 3. Tough men who ordered a Level 7 are known to be reduced to tears and conceded defeat.

The chicken tasted like frozen wings deep fried in chilli, with the meat not providing any sense of freshness or satisfaction. I wasn’t thoroughly thrilled by most of the other dishes. The Deep Fried Button Mushroom ($13.50) which were dipped in beer batter were tasted ordinary and lackluster.

The Clam Chowder ($8.00), thick and creamy, was the saving grace. Add a BBQ Pork Ribs ($29.80) if you are not feeling satisfied. The Nacho Chips ($17.50) and Cheesie Fries ($8.00) was a notch better than cinema food.

The Verdict
Get a map, find this treasure, then practice your skills of 20 levels.

140B Piccadilly Seletar Airbase S(797754) Tel:+65 64820244

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  1. My friend and I tried to look for this place (at night) to try out the wings…..but couldn’t find it. Plus the whole camp was quite dark and eerie….. in the end we had to give up.

  2. Yup Wilson, you are right. I would probably advice new venturers to go before 7pm, and in the direction of East Camp. Takes about 10 mins to ride in from the main road.

    Otherwise, it will be pitch darkness.

    It’s amazing how people still keep coming at the night time. Amazing navigators.

  3. I thought this place was closed ;p.. yes u are rite, it doesnt feel like u are in singapore when u are amidst the vast open field, clear skies surroundings the restaurant is in..

  4. i just went mid of Sept…the place is like a trasure hunt spot–hard to spot.

    the food is very SO-SO, more of an ambience place for outdoors grill fans. The 10th grade spicy wings is the main selling point.

  5. to me i think the food is fantastic! ambience is awesome especially in the evening during sunset. i’ve personally tried the level 10 hot wings. Cant go any further. that is a must try!


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