I know many people who enjoy eating Pepper Lunch. It gives those who cannot cook to save their lives a legitimate reason to say “Hey, I can cook!”; Or an opportunity for grown-ups to play with their food before eating.

The way I like my Pepper Lunch: spreading a little butter, dipping some garlic soy sauce and pouring lots and lots of honey brown sauce. Mix, mix, mix. (Lick off the spoon every time a new sauce is added if you must). With sizzling and slightly burnt meat, the ‘cooking’ injects FUN into the whole eating process.  

Now, revealing the SECRET of Pepper Lunch: How do they actually heat the plate?

Some people I asked thought it worked on the usual hot-plate principle, or that the iron plate is injected under extreme heat. The Japanese actually used a electromagnetic cooker through induction (remember your Physics?) to heat up the iron plate to 260C in 70 seconds. Pepper Lunch is the only eatery so far to use this patented technology.

You know how meat can lose a bit of their flavour if they are overcooked. The meat grilled this way remains succulent and juicy, and the food is warm more than 15 minutes. In fact, the Shimofuri (marbled) beef is so tender that it melts in your mouth. Rare or well done – you decide!

The Food
For the first time, there is a Spicy Sizzling Special just for Singaporeans up to the end of October. The Spicy Mexican “Taco” Rice ($12.30 for a set, $10.90 with coupon) was a novel change from the usual. When the minced beef mixed together with fresh tomatoes and lettuce, the rice looked like fiery fried rice with the array of colours, matched with a zesty taste. Warning: It IS really spicy (unless what most other fast food would claim for their ‘spicy’ meals).

The Wasabi Pepper Steak ($17.20 for a set, $14.90 with coupon) is the standard fare with a punch by dipping the steak pieces with wasabi on the side. Some may complain about the high price for a ‘fast food restaurant’, but the premium meat from Australia and New Zealand assures freshness and tenderness.

If you still have space, cool down your fiery meal with a Goma Black Sesame Soft Ice Cream ($1.60). Some like it fully mixed, but I like mine spoon by spoon.

Pepper Lunch, Isetan Scotts, 350 Orchard Road Basement Level Shaw House
Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm Daily

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  1. I just LOVE Pepper Lunch. Watching the video before stepping into the restaurant, there is this great sense of build up – an expectation of a good meal accompanied by the tantilising sizzling sounds. Wah must try the marble beef man. But Japanese got towgay meh?

  2. Hi SunnyDrop, ‘Towgay’ is a form of sprout and sprouts (Moyashi) is a common ingredient in many Japanese dishes such as stir fries, soups, nabemono and Tsukemono. I love it in Teppanyakis.


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