We all know the saying “the older the wine, the finer it gets”. Restaurant Pete’s Place has been in operation at the basement of Grand Hyatt since the 1970s without a change in location. For something beyond the mediocre pizzas and pasta some of us have been eating, look for the authentic Italian flavours that Pete’s provide.

The Ambience
As you walk down the flight of stairs near the entrance of the hotel, you will walk into a hostelry-styled restaurant of bricked walls, black and white photographs, dim lighting and dark wood furniture.

The fact that it attracts tourists, expatriates and upper-middle class locals might of course also make you feel like you’ve transported to a European city. The matching checked blue and white table-cloth and napkins, and folded paper menu add to the unique essence of the place.

The Food
If you go during lunch time, you can choose from the salad or pasta buffet range from $20 to $30. There are four main components to the menu – the appetizers, pizzas, main course such as pasta and desserts.>

The Caesar Salad ($15) we ordered was refreshing with romaine lettuce, bacon and croutons. The greens are very fresh and provide a crunchy bite with the flavourful dressing.>
If you are on Atkins, then stay off the bread buffet which is complimentary. Offering a wide selection of whole-wheat, sunflower seed bread and walnut doughs, you can say goodbye to your ‘off-carb’ plans. Other than the typical olive oil and vinegar, the herb butter and sun-dried tomato butter has a distinctive blend three ‘S’ – sour, sweet and soft. Delizioso! 

Instead of a ‘normal’ flat pizza, I ordered a Pam Pam ($19) which is a half calzone filled with mortadella (Italian cold cut calume), mozzarella and ricotta (a type of Italian whey cheese), and a half pizza with minced pork sausage meat, garlic, fresh chili and mozzarella. Beyond the crunchy slightly burnt yet soft outer crush, the succulent meats, cheese and tomato sauce makes every bite a luscious treat. Being freshly prepared and over-baked, it offered a hot and hearty meal.

The Service
The serving staff, clad in uniform black maintained the standard of what a restaurant in a hotel should provide. They were prompt in serving requests and refilling of water.

Although there were some sentiments that the pasta was overcooked and thus soggy, the dim lights, checkered tablecloths, tomato butter, still makes the whole eating experience here a satisfying one. Italian food seldom tastes this good in Singapore.

The Verdict 
More than 30 years of history can’t be wrong.

Pete’s Place, 10, Scotts Road The Grand Hyatt Hotel S’pore S(228211) Tel:+65 64167113
Opening Hours: Mon–Sat: 12noon–2.30pm, 6pm–10.30pm.Sun: 11.30am–2.30pm, 6pm–10.30pm

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  1. […] You may have never discovered its existence even if you been to Hyatt, because it is located on the basement with only a staircase leading to the Italian restaurant. The last time I been to Pete’s Place was 5 years ago, and it remains exactly like how I remembered it to be: trattoria-style décor with red-bricked walls, dark wood furniture, checked table cloth and picture frames with black and white photos. (Read: Pete’s Place review written 5 years ago) […]


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