Being in Singapore, I always have this question during the weekends – where should I eat? It seems that it is usually formulaic and boring. Let’s see, there’s Orchard area, Raffles City /Marina /Suntec area,  Vivocity or we just stay at home to avoid the crowds.

My colleague Vicky has come out with a list of places worth exploring. Of course it makes it easier when you have the car, but there are always the taxis and good friends.

Presenting the off-the-radar places…

1. Sunset Grill & Pub at Seletar Airbase

Cuisine: Western food, famous for Buffalo wings and Clam Chowder

Price: $15-20 per person

It’s very VERY ulu, and a tad creepy to get there (you have to drive through a long stretch and unlit narrow road). Not sure if any cab driver is willing enough to bring you there, but the clam chowder was extremely worth the effort. You may even catch a private plane taking off.

2. Bliss restaurant at Punggol Park

Cuisine: Western and Italian pasta

Price: $15-20 per person

Good and affordable food (plenty of raving recommendations on the internet), nice view of pond (which may smell a little, you have been warned) and relaxing atmosphere.

3. Bottle Tree Village

Cuisine: Seafood (Zi Char style)

Price: $20 – 25 per person (depending on how many people going)

It’s ulu enough (you need a car to get there, taxis may not be able to get you there in one piece, or so I heard), ambience is highly rated and you can take photos with the bottle trees there and show off to your friends. Bottle trees are native to Australia and these were specially flown in at $30,000 each

4. Canopy and The Green Room at Bishan Park II

Cuisine: Western (Canopy) and Organic Vegetarian (The Green Room)

Price: $25 – 30 per person

Canopy has fantastic dessert. The Green Room has fabulous vegetarian choices. Plus point – great ambience, perfect for nature lovers as both places are nestled among lovely greenery. Bar starts operating from evening onwards, so you can sip your martinis while enjoying the ambience.

5. The Olive Ristorante at Labrador Park

Cuisine: Seafood, Italian food, famous for seafood platter

Price: $40-50 per person (warning: food comes in small portions)

Secluded and wonderful view from Labrador Park, visitors can go and explore Labrador Park (and its famous tunnels) or even exercise there before heading off to have some food.

We don’t believe that there is any where too far in this country, and Singaporeans are known to travel all around just for food.  For dating couples who want a quiet time, friends in search of good makan, and nature lovers, there are treasures hidden in our little island!

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  1. How about Ulu Ulu Safari at the Singapore Zoo?

    Without a car, it’s really hard to get to these places. But the pluses are fresh air and open spaces. Hard to get it here.

  2. Ulu Ulu Safari has quite a good spread of buffet. Night safari eateries are famous for their chilli crab and their deep fried bun is really good =D

    There is one other Bottle Tree park at yishun. Just 8 mins walk from Khatib Mrt.

    I am “so” going to try out that {Canopy and The Green Room at Bishan Park II}. Thanks Dainel. =)

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