Question. Where can you get set meals at Orchard Road, with free flow of coffee, soft drinks and ice cream, all at an incredible price of $5.90*?

Just Acia is the place for the budget conscious, in light of escalating prices everywhere. Calling themselves the ‘Best of Asia’ may be a forthright claim, but they do serve Asian stuff from Thai Tom Yam Chicken Soup, Korean Spicy Kimchi Beancurd Udon, Herbal Chicken Soup to Chicken Teriyaki.

With side dishes ranging from Xi-An Spinach Tofu, Fukien Prawn Roll and Chawanmushi, that’s what I call ‘japalang’ (variety).

The Ambience
Of the my little survey of 5 people, 80% cannot figure out where Dhoby Xchange is, with one vaguely knowing where but not sure how to get there. Most assumed it’s the revamped buzzling food basement of Plaza Singapura. Not quite right.

But once you find out where it is located, you will be quite amazed at this little find, and on how every shop around seemed to be converted to this open concept eatery.

On an afternoon lunch, it can be relatively filled with working executives but finding a seat shouldn’t be much of a problem given its obscurity and vast space.

The Food
My course mates was only initially excited having a free flow of ice cream, but I think non low-fat low-sugar may not appeal that much to working (read: weight conscious) adults more. But they can probably fill the less discerning children up.
I would briefly describe the food here as better than a food court, but still a distance away from restaurant standards. It could be the symptom of “Jack of all trades but master of none”.

The Tori Katsu set ($5.90) had reasonably crispy chicken skin, and they even took the effort to garnish the dish for that cheap price. Kudos to that. But the rest of the meat and rice was too dry and I wished they would use fluffy short-grained rice.

As for the Just’s Steam Dumpling Set ($5.90), it tasted just (no pun intended) like manufactured dumplings – standard, plain and bland. 

You may have better luck with the noodle dishes with its affiliation with Just Noodles at Suntec City. At least the ramen were springy and soup tasty.

The Verdict
This Jack of all trades is no ‘Best in Asia’, but is certainly value for the budget conscious working in Dhoby Gaut area.

Just Acia, 11 Orchard Road #B1-17 Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station Tel:+65 6338 8071
Opening Hours: 11.00am – 10.30pm Daily

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