It’s amusing to see many ladies after their fill of main courses, still having much room for sweet treats. “There is another stomach for desserts. It’s a separate space.” exclaimed a female colleague. I believe.
Yes, not when your supposedly sinful treat arrives in a little bird cage, ready to escape right into the gastronomical pleasure of the owner.

Contemporary Japanese dining takes place at Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Café. ‘Sun’ represents the main dishes, while ‘Moon’ appeals to the other and softer side – The desserts.

The Food

The delightful Tofu Cheese Cake ($5.50) is a must-order for many ladies. The homemade cheesecake with a crunchy biscuit bottom already scores in presentation ,as it comes cooped in a mini-cage with a paper crane within. If you don’t favour the cheesier American version, this light and petite one may just soften in your taste buds, sending the beancurd essence all around.

Here are my Top 3 favourites:

1. Matcha Tiramisu ($6.00)
Tiramisu means ‘pick me up’in Italian. I swear this piece right in front of me says the same. “Pick me up! Pick me Up!” If you have tried making a Tiramisu your own (like I did), you would have realized it’s extremely challenging to have up fixed. While the Matcha Tiramisu stands firmly up, the soft and delightful cream crumbles right in your mouth.

2. Goma Pudding ($5.50)
It could be my penchant for anything black sesame, but the Goma Pudding does achieve the taste to the right combination. Sprinkled with white sesame seeds on top, the black sesame is neither too sweet or bitter.

3. Matcha Ice Cream ($3.50)
Soft and milk green tea ice cream with azuki red bean paste on the side… Life’s pleasures can be a simple thing.

The Japanese desserts are not only delicious, but pieces of art. Imagine sharing with your loved one a stick of mochi, looking at the bumboats at Clarke Quay and listening to the waves of the Singapore River. Life is Good.

Sun with Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe, 01-170/71/72, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, The Central Singapore 059817 (Closed)

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  1. 蛋糕!我喜欢日本食物,最喜欢日本的蛋糕和糖。Sun With Moon Japanese Dining & Cafe。 我应该去那里吃。谢谢 (:


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