The Mummy Returns at a Hong Kong Cafe. Almost quite so. You can drop by The Marina Square’s Xin Wang with terracotta warrior figurines and plaster pictures of old Chinese officials around. It’s like the Red Cliff meets The Mummy Returns 3.  High score on the interior design.

This is my second write-up on Xin Wang Café. Open 24 hours on weekends and till 2am on weekdays, the café has become a popular hangout for cinema goers and ktv-poppers after a night’s out with good friends.

When my friends arrived from London, I thought that the red and comfortable circular booths, and the ontemporary meets traditional ambiance would quite interest them. Wrong move apparantly.

The Service
Let me make something clear first: I have nothing against the waiters and waitresses. But the major pitfall is when the serving staffs most often do not understand their customers, and are not willing to go the extra mile.

My foreign friend described the waitresses here like locals cabs just before midnight. You do not see them around, or no matter how desperately you wave, they do not see you, or pretend not to see you. On the average, they take about 2-3 minutes to from the point you raise your hand to reach you. No kidding and the cafe was not even very crowded. Perhaps we were blocked by the terracotta warriors.

The Food
We ordered the Mango Snow Ice with Condensed Milk ($6.90), Condensed Milk and Peanut Butter Thick Toast ($3.90), some Tim Sum and drinks. If you are very thirsty, the cold beverages cannot be thirst quenchers because they are full of ice. The Hong Kong tea was half filled with ice, and so very diluted after a while (aka tea-flavored water). 

The Mango Snow Ice is surprisingly refreshing with an interesting texture, unlike the normal ice-kachang you found find. The mangos are not too sour, and the overall sweetness level well balanced.  The portion is huge enough for 2 to 3 friends to share.

The condensed milk and peanut butter serving was also generous. The toast was rather just standard fare and could have been softer and fluffier. As the dim sum, either it never comes, or it comes with a greasy after-taste. So stick to the micro-waved ones from your local supermarkets.

The general consensus among my group of friends was that while the main dishes taste mediocre but the desserts can still draw in the young crowd.

The Verdict
Service is the weakest link. The emperor would not be pleased.

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe, 6 Raffles Boulevard #01-04/05, Marina Square S(039594) Tel:+65 63375297
Opening Hours: Mon–Thu: 11am – 2am; Fri: 11am – 4am; Sat: 10am – 4am; Sun: 10am – 2am

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  1. Wow… I was stunned when I saw the condensed milk and peanut toast. They really generous of giving the topping. However, 2.5 cup don’t make me interested with the restaurant. Thanks for the info dude.

  2. Yes, I must say that the peanut butter and condensed milk is quite generous, considering many places are reducing the amount under the excuse of inflation.

  3. I don’t particularly fancy their food since half of the ingredients are all can food. maggi mee with a few pieces of meat for $9.90! Gosh! I felt ripped off the last time I was there; but their milk tea is still nice though!


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