Hong Kong’s Roger Kwok (郭晋安) better known to many as idiot-boy Ah Wang on the HK drama series endorses this café. For a hefty 7-figure sum. Now, that’s worth a lot of baked rice.

Located at the Bugis Junction’s extension, it’s hard to miss this café with a huge cupboard figure of a welcoming Ah Wang.

The Ambience
Predominantly orange and white with warm lighting, the Malaysia-originated café has many booth seats which is typical of Hong Kong cafe. The feel is quite right. Serving staff are dressed in matching brown uniforms, which adds to the look for professionalism.

The Food
Once again, consumers are overly spoilt for choices with the very diverse menu. 510 types to be exact. For milk teas alone, they have names ranging from Sherklock, Stocking, Original, Coconut and Royal Shaker, whatever they all meant.

For an appetizer, the Bacon Roll with Sweet and Sour Sauce ($7.90) was a lot more exciting than expected. The thin and fatty bacon wrapped around fish meat with a crunchy vegetable in the middle. With a slight sweet taste on the outside, the moist fillings spills like a succulent fish cake. It’s quite unlike what I have ever tasted.

The Cheese Baked Rice with Pork Chop ($9.50) was disappointingly average and failed to live up to the expectations. There is a choice of sweet corn white sauce, Italian red sauce or Portuguese sauce. Wanting to be different, I picked the Portuguese sauce which tasted like curry powder from instant noodles mixed in rice.  They could be more generous with the cheese and sauce to prevent the rice from being powdery dry.

The waitress recommended the Crispy Noodle with Shredded Pork in Spicy Soup ($7.30). Strange combination. It’s like drinking a mild Sichuan sweet and sour soup. I won’t call this dish delicious, but interesting enough.

Executives who work nearby would be pleased with the value set lunches, each day having 3 sets to choose from. With $8.80, you can get a selected main course, soup, fruits and milk tea. I would certainly come back to give this café a second chance.

The Good to Know
If you are celebrating birthdays, do inform the serving staff for a complimentary giant sized Iced Milk Tea. Ah Wang would have been very happy too.

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng 旺角茶餐厅, 200 Victoria Street #02-50 Bugis Junction

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  1. Hi, Wanrong,

    Din kn there is such a cafe in S’pore haha.. Great, really got to go and visit one day;)

    Really appreciate ur time&effort in creating this blog and share with us here, thank U! = ))

    Looking forward for more>> >

  2. Finally! I thought when you would review this restaurant!! One of my favourites – food is quite nice, and not too expensive so I would recommend it. I agree with Wendy – TQ for your efforts + time to share this blog with us!


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