Readers who noticed my constant critical reviews of the Hong Kong cafes told me to try Kim Gary at Vivocity. I did notice the constant queues outside and figured it was not worth the waiting. The interior design for one was not as attractive as its competitors like Xin Wang but there must be a reason for the queue.

The Ambience
The ambience reminds many of a fast-food restaurant in Hong Kong – uniform green and white hard plastic cards with reflective silver decorations around. If you are lucky, you will be seated near the windows where you will be promised a view of the offshore Sentosa. The ventilation is still rather open, so it does not get too noisy even though it is constantly crowded.

The Food
The menu offers a wide variety: From Hong Kong Specialty items like Minced Beef and Fried Egg Spaghetti ($6.90), Shanghai Style Vegetable Rice ($6.90 to $7.90), Hong Kong Chinese Mushroom Rice ($6.90 to $7.90), Hong Kong Spicy Noodles ($7.90 to $8.50), to Korean Spicy Mushroom Noodles ($6.50).

For the budget conscious, order the Hong Kong Style Baked Rice with Cheese Combo (which range from $10.90 to $11.50) which includes a Borsch or Cream Soup, Baked Rice and Drink.

The Chicken Chop version I ordered came in a timsum basket, with a choice of cream or red sauce. The cheese was lightly burnt, rice moist enough, and chicken soft and tender. The lotus leaf at the bottom added fragrance to the warm rice.  It was definitely a better version that other dry and cold rice elsewhere.

The hotplates were also a popular choice, with succulent western-styled meat and chips served on a sizzling plate. The meat was nicely cooked, without being too raw or overdone. Furthermore, it was not too oily and greasy to the taste.

The selection of desserts may not be as varied as some of the other cafes. I ordered a Red Bean Snow Dessert ($4.50) which really looked like a small hill of abundant red bean. I was quite thrilled until I tried the ice, somewhat coarse and unrefined, which can be described as a more expensive version of local ice kachang.

The Service
There are two things I find quite memorable about Kim Gary. Firstly, the Hong Kong tea tastes like Hong Kong tea and not just tea-flavoured water. Secondly, the waitresses can speak to us politely, and offered to clear our tables. Appropriate service and understanding of English is such a rarity in other Hong Kong cafes.  

The bill came to below $30 for two people, and can be considered value for money in terms of its location and food. I would definitely come again, well ok – maybe if there is no queue.

HK Kim Gary Restaurant, 1 Harbourfront Walk, #02-128 VivoCity, Singapore, Tel: +65 6376 8183
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm Daily

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  1. Hey Banban! I just tried the JB’s branch of Kim Gary Restaurant and found it a really good choice cause its affordable and nice! Ate the YangZhou Fried Rice for RM8.90 only. It was fantastic! Wanted to find out whether Hongkong has it cause yeah.. i am going there this coming wednesday (: Jasmine

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