Hong Kong Cafés here, there, and everywhere – they have proliferated in our country!

We are not complaining. They provide us with hundreds of items of the menu. Nevermind if they are even authentic or Cantonese to begin with. From toasts, tim sums, tea-time snacks, baked rice, Nissin noodles and dessert, you can eat these food all day long. Some are even open till wee hours of the morning.

我中意香港茶餐厅. How about you?

We are spoilt with many options…… Old Hong Kong Tea House, Xin Wang, C Nai, Central, Kim Gary, Hong Kong Café, Wan Chai, Tong Shui, Wong Kok…. Which do you think is the best in Singapore? How do they compare to their Hong Kong counterparts?.

Leave a comment and tell me why.
Also, look out for a series of HK café reviews from next week here too!.


  1. emmm… which cafe did u take this pict?

    KIM GARY! Lve the cheese baked rice. Service not bad.

    Wanna try the Crystal Jade HK cfe at Bugis. Don’t know gd or not


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