Vegetarians can rejoice at Whatever Café (not to be mistaken for that ‘Whatever/Anything’ canned drink), a diner fronted by the “mystical” Whatever Yoga/Bookstore/Healing Space along the very hip Keong Saik Street.

Dining amidst mystical New Age books, Tarots, Astrological charts, enchanting Angelic charms, Wiccan spells and healing crystals, the menu features healthy, organic salads, hearty soups, nutritious and organic pastas, pizzas and sandwiches, as well as guilt-free cakes.

The Food
My dining partner and I sampled the Grilled Vegetables Salad, the Mushroom and Potato Soup and the Roasted Veg Oven Baked Lasagna.

The Roasted Antipasto Salad (S$10.90) was a feast for the eyes and was as tasty as it looked. Large strips of red and yellow bell peppers, chunky pieces of zucchinis, pumpkins and aubergines, grilled with olive oils, amidst a pile of fresh and invigorating rockets, crunchy greens, cherry tomatoes and onions, dressed generously with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Roasted garlic cloves add a delicious aroma to this very refreshing yet appetizing dish.

Blended mushroom, potatoes and garden herbs make up the dairy-free Mushroom and Potato Soup (S$7.90).  The soup was really rustic in taste and presentation, full of the earthy flavor and heady fragrance of the mushrooms, with the potato lending a little starchiness and wholesomeness to the soup.

The Roasted Veg Lasagna ($11.90) looked a little sloppy in presentation but was surprisingly original in taste and delicious.  We found thick slices of pumpkin, zucchinis, aubergines, between layers of hot pasta sheets and tomato sauce, capped with gooey, sinfully-rich, melted cheese and sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese.

Under “Lifestyle Enhancements” in the menu are freshly squeezed juices (S$7.90) in an array of interesting and adventurous combinations. Equally exotic are their names, like Oriental Magic (coriander, ginger and pineapple), Red Eye Special (melon, mint, parsley, spinach) and High Flyer (apple, beetroot, carrot and spinach).

The Carrot and Walnut Cake (S$6.50/slice) was dairy-free, glutten-free, wheat-free and egg-free, as most cakes offered in the selection, but surprisingly did not lack in flavour. We suggest pairing it with any Numi Organic fruit tea (S$5.00).

The Service
Service staff was friendly and efficient, making this visit an enjoyable one. At Whatever, it is not just the food, but the whole experience which counts.

20, 29A & 31 Keong Saik Road Chinatown S(089138) Tel:+65 62210300 (Closed)


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