Crystal Jade is becoming like MacDonalds. Its everywhere, with 10 branches of ‘Kitchen’s alone. However, we can still fall back on the brand to provide us with reasonable food, especially when you are at Causeway Point where quality food is rather deficient.

A little background info on this particular meal: Apparently, I give special luck on my closed ones, from good friends, colleagues to dates. (Hah, but I have never won before in this 4-number game.) My office roommate Ah Chek was nice enough to give some of us a treat after striking again (again, and again) in lottery. (The identity of Ah Chek will be kept secret to protect him from money loaners.)

The Ambience
The Crystal Jade ‘Kitchen’ concept has a Hong Kong slant – serving Dim Sum, BBQ pork, Congee, Noodles and other Cantonese Cuisines. I have a particular liking for Cantonese food, for its rich flavours (zhong kou wei) and fragrant roasted meat.

This restaurant is crowded and noisy, catering to large groups of families and office workers. With Cantonese sprouting waitresses, and the frequent use of red, green and gold on their slightly old-fashioned décor, I felt as if I was transported to a Kowloon restaurant.

The Food
Their signature dishes rarely fail. If you order the Dim Sum, Noodles and Congee, you would expect a certain taste that is quite consistent in the different branches.

The group of us had a Peiking Roast Duck set ($58) for a change. While the duck skin was crispy and oily, the black sauce that accompanied was quite salty and masked the natural flavours of the egg wrap and duck meat. The vegetable sticks lacked the cool crunch which would give the refreshing aftertaste.

For the rest of the duck meat, we were recommended by the friendly waitress for it to be fried with eggplants. The picture says it all. The visual presentation was shockingly hideous, and the extremely bony duck made the eating experience rather cumbersome. But to be fair, it tasted a lot better than how it looked.

Unfortunately, the other claypot chicken with yam had more bones than meat too, nothing like those served in other branches. Even if the Cantonese dishes are generally more flavourful comparatively, this branch may be too generous with their MSG. No jackpot for this Crystal Jade.

Crystal Jade Kitchen 翡翠小厨, Woodlands Square #04-43/44, Causeway Point Shopping Centre S(738099) Tel: 68935505
Opening Hours:Daily 11am – 10pm (last order 9.45pm)

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