Fish & Co. has been around for 10 years! When it first opened at Plaza Singapura, it scored with us (the youths then…sigh) immediately with its generous and succulent portions of fish served in a pan. While most other eateries diversified, they stood to what they did best – just seafood, and very fresh indeed.

It became a place where I had several class gatherings and fond memories. And since my friend Jinquan would be leaving the country,  for his ‘last meal’ with us, he picked Fish and Co at The Glass House (previously occupied by T.G. I. F).

The Ambience
Designed to feel casual, relaxed and warm, Fish & Co. is popular among students and young executives. This main store remains cheery, noisy and vibrant. It was not the most ideal choice for this gathering as we could not hold a decent conversation in the noise.

If you have a friend celebrating a birthday, do get the staff to sing their signature ‘Fish and Co’ birthday song for that special touch. Other than that, there is always a live band performance for dedications. And as we expected, our ‘ge shen’ Jinquan took over the mike and sang “You’re Beautiful” with loud cheers from the crowd.

The Service
The staff remains cheery and do attend to your needs, on the condition that they are free and DO notice you. For that refill on the cup, be prepared to work your triceps and wave for a long, long time.

The Food
The favorites here are the Grilled or Fried Calamari ($9.50), Fish and Chips ($13.90), Seafood Platter for Two ($37.90) which is a platter of seasonal fish, calamari, prawns and mussels in creamy garlic and lemon butter sauce. They have some latest additions such as Baked Ginza Salmon ($17.90), Peri Peri Catch ($15.90) and pasta dishes from fettuccini to spaghetti.

While diversifying into pasta is an aim to please varying customers, the result may not be ideal. I tried the Prawns Fettuccini with Chilli Cream ($14.50). The pasta was not well cooked, and the half-spicy sauce did not blend well with the seafood.

The Seafood Platter is now a combination of shrunk fish, rubbery sotong, overcooked prawns and less buttery rice. The overall freshness and fragrance it used to have seemed to have faded away. I suppose that is inevitable with the expansion.

As to Jinquan’s choice of his ‘last meal’, we joked that this should be the last mistake he would make here.

The HCJC Choir gang @ Fish and Co The Glass House 2008

The HCJC Choir gang @ Fish and Co Plaza Sing 9 years ago!

Fish & Co, The Glass House, 9 Penang Rd #01-24, Park Mall S(238459) Tel:+65 63341858
Opening: 11:30am – 10:00pm

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  1. Wah! It took me 5 minutes to recall that 9-years-ago dinner at Fish & Co @PS! I could barely recognize myself in the photo – though that’s also partly the fault of low resolution of the uoloaded image lah..:p

    But now I do remember – I think it was almost exactly 9 yrs to date right? Sometime in June I believe – cos it was the same day I unofficially ORD’d (clearing leave) and I remember lugging my PT shoes and other army junk from my locker to the dinner…

  2. In the past, there were no digital photos mah.

    You know, I remember why we had the meal now!
    I was giving a treat (because I won some money), and it was Joel’s and Liyu’s (Mr Fish) birthdays -> that’s why we went to Fish and Co. RIGHT???

  3. one time i was at that fish&co, there was a 30-second blackout. lots of funny singaporean-style grumbling ensued.

    a fish&co opened in sha tin (沙田) so i gleefully took some colleagues — 真有家的感覺! i felt so proud when they fell in love with the fish. only downside is they don’t offer sambal chilli in hk!!!

    wish i could have been at the farewell dinner! hey, some of you look really different now.

  4. Other than weight loss, or weight gain (due to pregnancies), I think we all pretty much look the same!

    Really, a Fish and Co in HK? How’s it different from the local one? Everything is the same? The sauces and the pan?


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