Most would say the best place for suppers in this Singapore is Geylang. Beyond the sleazy lanes, colourful lights and you-know-what, this is the place for ‘sinful indulgence’.

My supper kakis and I have our usual routine – round 1 claypot frog porridge, round 2 beef horfun, or dim sum and always ending off with Yong He soya bean. For the longest time, we wondered where the familiar Yong He has moved to, and we finally found it at Lor 27A.

The new location is definitely more spacious, clean and airy. Thank goodness we found a parking space almost immediately. Well, this is Geylang so don’t expect good service (errr… not otherwise), but the aunties will respond if you wave or call them loudly. Some are actually quite friendly if not busy.

The regulars would order a sweet soya bean drink ($1.20), dough sticks ($1.00), toasted bun with egg and pork floss ($2.80) and steamed dumplings ($5.00). The new shop has some latest additions of sweet and sour soup ($2.00), fried beehoon ($2.50) and braised meat rice ($2.50) available lunchtime onwards.

If you are really adventurous or want to play a sabotage game with your friends, you can try the saltish soya bean ($1.70). This ‘drink’ comes in bowl and will be an experience of a lifetime. Good or bad, you decide. (No pictures or description provided because I think it’s better for a surprise.)

My favourite item here is the long youtiao which is always cripsy and fluffy. Unfortunately, the standard of some items have dropped a little. The soya bean drink was thin and sweet (Tiong Bahru’s Teck Seng anytime), toasted bun dry and cold, and Taiwanese mee sua too starchy and peppery.  Inflation has also set in on every food item.

The brand name ‘Yong He’ has been synonymous with quality soya products in Taiwan and China. In Singapore, we have our alternatives.

517 Geylang Road (Near Lorong 27A) Tel: Tel: +65 6745 5682
Opening Hours: 24 hours Daily

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  1. OMG! Thanks for helping me to locate this. I have been trying to find this for the longest time as well, and there is no sign board at the old location to advise where it’s been shifted to. Now I can have my post-clubbing soya bean drink fix.
    Thanks once again!!!

  2. Haha Chia Leng. It took us a long drive to find the place too!

    Somehow I MUST have my soya bean drink AFTER the beef horfun. So it’s never really going to be the same again.

  3. Hi, chanced on your blog when I did a google search on where Yong He moved to. Glad to see it has shifted instead of my feared”closed down”. Tks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Dear Manager

    We are introducing a system call “TABLE CALL POINT’ :-

    1) If customers in your Food Court intend to place order on the drink/food, they only need to key the Table Call Point which is a Key Pad placed on every table.
    2) With the Key Pad, they can select the drink or food by scrolling to look for it. After select all items they want to order, enter to confirm and the Screen at the cashier counter will display the table number & items they order.
    3) If the order is ready or in process, staff can press the button to acknowledge the table with a blink light on the Key Pad and customers will then proceed to counter to collect their order & make the payment as well.
    4) Customer can also press the help button to acknowledge the staff/worker if they need assistance (For old man or unable person)

    Advantage as bellows
    5) With the system, customers can easily place their order without going to the counter. So that they can avoid queue up and waiting as well.
    6) Because of the above reason, customers will order more.
    7) Business will increase because of the same reason.
    8) The order can link up with the Cashier Computer and recording & print out is more efficient & automatically.

    Yours truly,

    Wong Woon Nam (HP: 93886254)
    New Series M & E Engineering
    20 Lorong 32 Geylang #06-01
    Singapore 398280


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