If you have noticed, almost every key district in the up-market Hong Kong Island has been used to name the tea cafés in Singapore. So when “Central” and “Causeway Bay” are both taken, the next better known (or lesser known) district is “Wan Chai”.

The Ambience
The interior is nothing to scream about. With a typical pictorial wall featuring a black and white Hong Kong skyline, and wooden and plastic chairs, you wished the café has more character. 

The Food
Termed as “Your favourite neighbourhood café”, the fares served include the standard noodles, baked rice, thick toast and desserts. Just to be unusual, I ordered a “Yuan Yang” (mixture) item from each of the sections. 

The cheese baked Yuan Yang Rice ($8.80) had a combination of pork chop and seafood. The white creamy part with servings of fish, mussel and unshelled prawn was the better tasting side as it still had a savour of seafood freshness. The red side was unevenly mixed, resulting in the rice being very bland and dry.  

One would expect the dessert Yuan Yang Cream ($2.80) to look like an authentic taijitu (yin yang symbol). Unfortunately, it came unsightly looking, with the gobbets of black sesame cream over the almond looking like more droppings. While it’s thick and grounded daily, the cream could have been more evenly stirred for a smoother taste. 

The hot coffee-tea ($1.40) was the saving grace with the appropriate blend of the two. Do be warned that the cold version ($3.00) would be topped with ice cream, although it was not mentioned in the menu. 

The Good To Know
There is no service charge and GST has already been included. Value!
If you are familiar with the Hong Kong MTR, my personal ranking for these 3 Hong Kong cafes would be in line with the route. Central, followed by Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room, with Causeway Bay Cafe the bottom of the lot.

Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room, 9 Bishan Place #01-49 Junction 8 S(579837) Tel: 62504450
Opening Hours: 8.30am – 9.30pm Daily

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  1. I am new to Bishan. Does anyone know what other HK Tea Cafe joints there are in the region? I really love the variety of HK Tea Cafe spread and of course, a good iced HK Milk Tea 🙂


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