With their signature fish and chip served in shallow metal pans with three types of sauces, Manhattan Fish Market is often seen as the closest rival to the other fish company, Fish and Co. Their similarities are uncanny, from the menu, décor to price. Both also had their first flagship store at Plaza Singapura.  

A little on the background: Manhattan Fish Market’s director was a former operations manager in Fish & Co and started out an outlet at Malaysia during 2002, and subsequently in Singapore. After being sued and lost to Fish and Co during a court case last year, Manhattan had changed their serving pans and modified their ingredients as directed.  

Expect to wait from 15 minutes to half an hour for a table during peak hours. The guys at Manhattan also seem to know that service is just as important as the food they serve. Service was prompt and the waiters were quick to serve and refill water. Although they seemed somewhat nervous at times, the young crew was generally friendly and took initiative despite the heavy traffic.  

The Food
Manhattan Fish and Chips ($9.90), Alaskan Pollock and Chips ($10.90), Grilled Norwegian King Salmon Fillet ($15.90), and Almond Fried Shrimps ($10.90) are some of their signature dishes. Unfortunately, they do not have the Baked Fish in Garden Herbs anymore, nor the Barramundi topped with Sambal Sauce which are served in their Malaysian branches.

For a safe choice, opt for The Manhattan Fish and Chips with fish which is freshly fried in light batter, and does not have a strong fish smell. The straight fries, which are not too fat and thick, stay crispy for a long time. 

The Manhattan Seafood Platter for Two ($29.90) is an all-time favourite for customers who want value for money. The portion is huge which includes one piece of battered fish, 4 flammed prawns, fried calamari, fried oysters, chips and garlic rice. The weakest link however is the garlic rice which is slightly dry and unsavory. 

One major selling point of Manhattan is a gimmicky ‘flaming’ of the grilled and seasoned prawns, done right in front of your very eyes. This ‘flaming’ makes a sweet mayonnaise-like sauce melt over the prawns and the rice, bringing out the fragrance of the buttery platter. This unique (and albeit a bit gimmicky) process made the prawns very juicy on the inside, and crispy with a touch of soot on the shells. A nice torch. (Pardon the pun!)

The Ambience
Can be too crowded and extremely noisy. The last time I went, there was this group of girls whose chattering were simply deafening! Quiet girls! (The school I shall not name. Brrr…)

The Manhattan Fish Market, 68, Orchard Rd #06-07, Plaza Singapura S(238839) Tel: +65 6835 9310
Opening Hours: 11am – 9:30pm Daily

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  1. Hi Julian,

    Personally, I prefer Manhattan. Somehow it feels tastier and fragrant.

    But I shall go back to Fish and Co sometime this week to check it out again. =) Look out for the posting!


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