Many people still call the ‘Lerk’ Thai chain of restaurants ‘Jerk’ Thai, no thanks to the logo.  The chain is started by the Select Group Ltd, which many should be familiar with their catering business and ‘cai peng’ (Chinese rice). And to no surprise, ‘Lerk’ means ‘Select’ in Thai.

The Food
Some of their recommendations include the Gai Hor Bai Toey (Deep Fried Pandan Leaf Chicken), Nuer Prik Thai Dum (Beef with Black Pepper), Gaeng Kiew Whan Talay (Green Curry Seafood) and Pla Muerk Nung Manow (Steam Cuttlefish with Hot, Sour and Spicy Sauce).

The dining experience was destined to be a mediocre one with a bad start of the Thai Ice Tea. It lacked of the unique Thai ice tea flavour and was very diluted like drain water. Even the Nescafe version I made myself tasted a lot richer.

The Pahd Thai (Fried Thai Kway Teow) was rather ordinary and bland. My guess was there wasn’t enough seasoning used such as the fish cause and tamarind juice. What I like about this dish is that the peanuts and bean sprouts supposedly give the extra crunch to the light noodles.  The peanuts must have been left in the open for too long, and therefore tasted ‘lao hong’ (airy)!

Even the cashew nuts on the Thai Olive Rice was ‘lao hong’.  But to be fair, the rest of the rice was quite tasty. 

The greatest disappointment was the Peek Gai Sod Sai (Boneless Chicken Wing Stuffed with Minced Chicken and Thai Herbs) which came in an seemingly artificial orange colour. The chicken had a strong chicken taste, which felt rather raw as it lingers.
The Service
The consolation was that the service staff was friendly and attended to requests quite promptly.

Lerk Thai Restaurant, 10 Sinaran Drive #02-65/66/67 Novena Square 2 S(307506) Tel:+65 63972282 (Closed)

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  1. hey marcus and I went down to the Lerk Thai at Funan and it was really good. So i’m surprised to hear about the square 2 branch

  2. For the stuffed chicken wings, you can try Yingthai Palace at Purvis St. Their tom yum soup and fried pomfret served with mango dip is also quite tasty. But it may be a bit X. Sticky Rice at AMK Hub level 1 also serve quite decent stuff at a reasonable price. =)

  3. Hi Jo, I went to try AMK’s sticky rice. Experience was good! BUT reviews elsewhere say otherwise, perhaps I will go and try it out again just to confirm.

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