“Ayam Penyet” is really the ‘IN’ thing now. Several eateries, hawker centre stall, and even my school canteen is selling this popular dish. 

Ayam penyet which hails from Indonesia, is a fried chicken dish flattened with a wooden pestle. It is a simple dish which is served with fragrant rice, some vegetables such as cabbage and potent sambal chilli sauce. Some serve the dish with fried tahu (beancurd) and tempe (soybean cake) on the side. 

If you want to try out the original, Ayam Penyet Ria located at the 4th storey of Lucky Plaza is one of the first few places which brought this dish in. Do note that it is often very crowded during the weekends, so expect to wait in line with locals and Indonesians alike.

Well, since it is in Lucky Plaza, do not expect a glam-up place. You may be chucked into one of those long tables, so thinking about having a proper conversation in a quiet surrounding is almost impossible. 

The signature dish Ayam Penyet with Nasi is fragrant with crispy bits of batter sprinkled on top of the crunchy chicken thigh. Get hot, hot, hot with the sambal chilli, the highlight dish which felt like fiery flames down the throat. If you can’t take spiciness, then you are missing out on THE best thing.

One common complain is that the chicken is too dry, and needed some kind of a gravy or soup to add some moisture. Unfortunately, there was none. 

You can also opt for the Empal Penyet (smashed beef), Ikan Bawal Penyet (smashed pomfret), Sop Buntut (oxtail soup), Soto Ayam (chicken soto) or Rawon (beef soup surabaya). The Gado-gado, a vegetable ‘salad’ of greens, long beans tofu, tempeh with peanut sauce dressing is delightfully crisp, unlike some which can get too soggy and mushy. With an affordable price at $5,00 – $6,00, it is an inexpensive alternative to other restaurants in the vicinity. 

The desserts such as Es Cendol (Ice Cendol), Es Campur (Indonesian ice mixfruit), and Es Kacang Hijau (Green beans) are rather disappointing though. Too sweet and too lemak (coconut milk added). That’s if the dry chicken plus sambal didn’t make you thirsty enough. (Could be a tactic to make customers buy more drinks hah)

304 Orchard Road #04-25 Lucky Plaza S(238863) Tel: +65 62356390

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  1. Thanks for your review! I had tried this dish at Batam and was a bit ga-ga over it. Was hoping to find a nice version in SG. Looks like have to sniff out other places then. 🙂

  2. Hi Jo. You can try the one at Marina Parade Central. It’s called Wareong Penyet. Well, they were previous c-owners with the one at Lucky Plaza. The Marina Parade one would appeal more to the youngsters. Will write something about it when I find the time.

  3. Hi, JO. You can try the one at Amoy Food Centre. It’s called Ayam Power Cuisine, on level 2. You can’t miss it during lunch time as it is quite popular. The chilli sauce is just so deliciously spicy my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

  4. hey daniel…for indonesian food u may want to try warung nasir at killiney rd orchard..it brings me back to my hometown…lol…im indonesian…and the place is very cosy,except when it’s very crowded…hehe

  5. Oh thanks Josephine. I passed by the place several times and did notice their paintings, but never ate there. Will try!

    So how to you find the Indo food in Singapore?

    Perhaps I will do a Indo food special one week. 😛

  6. Hi Daniel,
    You may want to try Edy Penyet at Causeway Point if you pass by. It was opened by Edy Ongkowijaya, who is previous co-owner of Ayam Penyet Ria and Waroeng Penyet, he claimed that the recipe has been improved.

  7. @ Cynthia: Edy Ongkowijaya was not the co-owner of Ayam Penyet Ria. I know the real owner of Ayam Penyet Ria. Edy was an employee who corrupted a large amount of money. The owner was very kindhearted to not press charges against Edy.


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