As a kid, I grew up as someone who loved to gobble up his food, and even licked up the plate at the end.

Armed with a big pack of chips on one, and a drumstick on the other, it had set me on a straight road to the T.A.F club. Ironically, for someone who claimed he loved food, he never really appreciated it.

It was Moses Lim who taught me the art of eating, how we should understand and value what’s on our plate. As he said, “We are what we eat.” That opened a new window of appreciation and enjoyment.

Sure enough, I took time to capture, look, think and write about this important aspect of my life.

Food and taste can be one of the most subjective things in the world. I will not call myself a critic, but someone who loves to share his dining experience. Hope you can share your love for food with me too.

Welcome to My Food Diary. Bon Appetit!


  1. Hey Daniel! Glad you started this blog. My friends and I are always looking for interesting eating experiences. We will certainly keep coming back to see what you’ve got to say. All the best!

  2. Hi David! Thank you for your comment. Hope you find these sharing useful. Feel free to recommend any good dining places. I am always on a lookout for more. Cheers! =)

  3. Hi Ban Ban, fantastic work!

    I like the very “neat and clean” layout of your blog – with the right amount of words and pictures to entice the readers!

    Looking forward to more entries!

    Maybe u can bring me along for one of these makan trips! 😛

    Keep capturing, eating, thinking and writing… Have fun!

  4. hi Ah Kong. Sure Sure! Thanks. This is like a new exciting project, or baby for me. Any feedback please tell me.

    No problem. You recommend me a good place, and bring me for a treat yah? Hee Hee….. =)

    I don’t eat for free okay? Have to go secretly to test out their service. 😛

  5. “We are what we eat”. Yep, well-said, Moses Lim!

    Hee! I like the blog : ) Do consider categorising by region of Singapore or types of food when you get more entries hor? Like that totoroblinks won;t get lost 🙂

  6. hi BanBan.. Just realised you got a new blog here ! omg .. nice layout like wad Ah Kong said. Everything is neat !

    More recommendation k? All the best!

  7. hello, I see you do food reviews too…
    Just curious though. I’m doing some research may need your help. =)

    Able to assist me? please drop me an email and I’ll elaborate.

    no worries, it’s to do with food =)


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