Ah Chew Desserts is one of Singapore’s most known dessert shops, which started humbly at a small shop space at Liang Seah Street.

Signature desserts include Durian Mango Sago with Pomelo ($5.80), Milk Steamed Egg with Red Bean ($3.80), Black Glutinous Rice with Vanilla Ice Cream ($4.20), Durian Sago Desserts ($6.50), Hashima Red Date Soup ($9), and White Fungus Papaya with Almond ($3.50).

Via Grabfood, Deliveroo or Oddle for islandwide delivery: https://ahchewdesserts.oddle.me/en_SG/

I used to work in the Bugis vicinity. Many times, female colleagues would look for their ‘chew-ge’ after lunch, jokingly saying his papaya dessert would make their skin smooth.

Working in the corporate world came with a high level of stress, and somehow what ‘Ah Chew’s treats had become my comfort food.

This dessert shop hidden among a row of eateries at Liang Seah is really a treasure. Do you know it used to take up just half the space, with the rest being taken by a Indian newspaper seller.  

Fast forward a few years, and the treasure has finally been undiscovered through word of mouth. Just look out for the never-ending queue of people eagerly waiting to have their sugar fix.

With yellow menu tags hanging behind the counter, hard ebony wood furniture, and Chinese paintings adorning the store’s walls, the décor goes well with the offerings and would remind many of dessert stores found in Hong Kong and Taipei.

Accordingly Ah Chew was very fascinated by old Chinese arts and crafts and its heritage. Therefore, you would find wooden furniture, carved doors, lanterns were sourced by him from China and shipped to Singapore. All the Chinese handicrafts on display are from his personal collections.

Be prepared to brave the heat for a seat.

Some of the recommendations include: Rock sugar white fungus with papaya ($3.00), Red bean paste with Lily Bulb ($2.40), Mango Sago and Pomelo ($4.20), Yam with Sago ($3.30), and Fresh Milk Steam Egg with Red Bean ($3.80).

Rest assured that the Mango Sago and Pomelo is made of fresh fruits as I have seen the staff cutting the ingredients on the spot.

In this variation, a touch of coconut cream is added on top of the usual evaporated milk, giving it fragrance and extra texture.

The sweetness of the ripe, juicy mango chunks is complimented by the refreshing, citrus pomelo pulps that bursts and crunch at every mouthful. Just like Hong Kong’s ‘Hui Lau Shan’.

The Fresh Milk Steam Egg is so smooth that it trickles down your throat. You have the option of having it coffee-flavoured, or red bean-flavoured which would give it some bite.

For local favourites, the Yam and Sago was inspired by the owner after a trip to China.

If you can forget about your calorie count, the yam is velvety and tasty, and the coconut milk does not have a sour aftertaste. Thinking about it already puts a smile on my face.

Ah Chew Desserts
1 Liang Seah Street, #01-10/11 Liang Seah Place Singapore 189032
Tel: +65 6339 8198
Opening Hours: 12:30pm – 12am (Mon – Thurs), 12:30pm – 1am (Fri), 1:30pm – 1am (Sat), 1:30pm – 12am (Sun, PH)

181 Thomson Road, Goldhill Shopping Centre, Singapore 307627
Tel: +65 6254 8198
Opening Hours: 12:30pm – 12am (Mon – Fri), 12:30pm – 12am (Sat, Sun)

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  1. FACI!

    You can try the dessert shop at Temple Street which is near people park’s macdonalds. It was recommended by many celebrities and I’ve tried the mango pudding, black sesame, peanut and almond paste. It was fabulous and it made me keep going back for more!

    Go try it someday! =)

  2. Yes Edna, how did you find me?

    Well, I think you mean 味香园 at Temple Street right? Tried their walnut and almond paste several times. It’s not bad, quite creamy, and always sold out!

    But I prefer Ah Chew a little more for their more ‘cooling’ desserts. =)

  3. I prefer 记得吃 , although some people may find it a bit too commercialise… the outlet at 8 Liang Seah Street is usually quite crowded. They have another outlet at 46 Upper Cross Street.

  4. a group of us went down for our regular sugar fix but the shop has closed down. even its signboard was gone.. though 记得吃 had a fairly big crowd.

  5. Hi guys, I managed to msg ‘Ah Chew’.

    In his exact words, he said “Sorry that there is no notice outside the shop. We have taken up another unit next to the existing one n r under revonation. Renovation will be completed by this week. Sorry for the inconveniences.”

    Let’s look forward to a new and better shop! 🙂

  6. I went to try their dessert last week after they reopen. I found the standard is dropped and three of us dessert are super sweet.

    My friend blame me recommend me their wrong place for dessert.

  7. I brought my oversea friend to this Ah Chew Dessert after reading all the good reviews.
    We entered the shop but was signaled by one of their staff (a male) to go out in a rude manners. We were told to sit at the table outside. We sat outside looking through the menu. As it was a hot day, and since we saw an empty table inside, we asked politely if we could take that table. However, another of their staff (a china lady) snapped at us that we could only settle for the seat outside. I asked why can’t we take the table since it is empty and not reserved by any customer. The male staff told us that the table is for a group of 5 customers (there are 3 of us). By the time we finished our dessert, the table inside the shop was still left unoccupied. This will be my first and last time visiting this place with staff who are rude and treat customers as though we owe them a living.How good can their desserts be if the service leaves a bitter aftertaste. Furthermore, there are many other better desserts places in Singapore. Nothing to lose by giving Ah Chew Dessert a miss.


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