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Golden Flower Toast 金花碳烤吐司專賣 - OTT Sandwiches Overloaded With Cheese Only NT$100 (SGD4.40), At Ximending Taipei

The one food that is still trending in Taipei, other than Brown Sugar Bubble Milk, is OTT-Toast. Well, take a look at Comida 可蜜達炭烤吐司 with the overflowing cheese. Golden Flower Toast 金花碳烤吐司專賣 located near the Ximen Red House, enjoys a constant steady queue. The sandwich shop, with a drink of the same brand just a few shops away, serves up interesting flavours more than you can imagine. However, as there is no English menu, and sandwiches are named whimsically that doesn’t give you a single clue what it can contain. The best sellers are Golden Flower Toast are called......

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