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Ding Tele 鼎特乐 – Shanghai Sheng Jian Bao and Xiao Long Bao At Kovan

Sheng Jian Bao, Xiao Long Bao! I got really excited when there is a new Shanghaiese restaurant that specialised in Sheng Jian Bao 生煎包. Especially after my encounter with Yang’s Fried Dumplings 小杨生煎, in Shanghai. Apart from the widely known Xiao Long Bao(小笼包)and Soup Bun(灌汤包), the less known Sheng Jian Bao(生煎包)is a traditional Shanghai snack that can be found in every corner, street and alley of Shanghai. Sheng Jian Bao 生煎包 is cooked in an interesting manner in a shallow, oil-filled flat pan. The folded portion of the Sheng Jian Bao is fried in the oil until a crispy,......

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