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Wu Lao Guo 無老鍋 - Elixir Health Pot Is One Of Taipei's Best Hotpot Restaurants

Elixir Health Pot, better known as “Wu Lao Guo” 無老鍋 is considered one of the best and the most popular steamboat restaurants in Taipei. The name “Wu Lao Guo” literally translates to “never old pot”, and is built on the philosophy of providing diners with hotpots brimming with health and beauty properties. Although there are 5 branches of this popular restaurant scattered all over the country, early reservations are highly recommended. (The 5 outlets are Taipei Shiming, Taipei Zhongshan, Taipei Xinsheng, Taichung Gongyi and Kaohsiung Lingya.) The branch of Wu Lao Guo in Zhongshan District is one of......

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