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Tokyo Michelin Guide 2019 - 13 Restaurants Receive 3 Michelin Stars, 3 Ramen Shops With 1 Star

The Michelin Guide has announced results for Tokyo, and Japan’s capital city retains the honours of having the most Michelin restaurants in the world – 230 establishments in total. Some other interesting aspects of the results: French restaurant L’Osier established in Ginza, Tokyo in 1973 gets a 3-star rating once again. Famous sushi restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro retains its 3-stars for the 12th year running. There are three new 2-starred Michelin restaurants, Nabeno-Ism, Harutaka, and Kobikicho Tomoki. Ramen lovers will be please to find three stared ramen-eateries – Tsuta 蔦, Nakiryu (I tried its cup noodles – how enterprising),......

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