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Opus Bar & Grill - 1-1.2KG  Bourbon Whiskey Aged Tomahawk Steak, With Free Flow Wine At Hilton Singapore

The Tomahawk Steak has been getting viral on social media, making its rounds on Salt Bae’s smooth steak-slicing videos, and on clips showing fascination of its substantial size. This long-handled steak has been used by chefs in Michelin starred restaurants, because it looks outstanding on the table and has a unique taste. Opus Bar & Grill at Hilton Singapore has recently introduced Tomahawk Steak with a difference – bourbon whiskey-aged, 1 to 1.2 kg U.S. California Tomahawk steak. IMPRESSIVE. The bourbon whiskey-aging is done in a custom-made Himalayan salt tile cabinet for up to 21 days. This process is......

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