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18 Thai Milk Tea Desserts In Singapore - Aroy Mak Mak Thai-rrific Treats, From Softserve, Swiss Roll To Bingsu

When I first wrote about the Best Thai Iced Milk Tea in Singapore slightly more than 2 years back, there were just a couple of cafes serving the beverage (other than the usual Thai restaurants). Now, Thai Milk Tea must be one of the current IT flavours in Singapore (other than Matcha), with it appearing in anything from ice cream, cakes to bingsu. Any food fairs I go would have THAI MILK TEA and its variations. Cannot miss. Here are 18 Thai Milk Tea Desserts you can find in Singapore: Nunsongyee 눈송이 Hougang Midtown, 1187 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore......

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