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Aranzi Café – Cuteness Overload in Japanese Themed Cafe in Taipei

Themed cafes in Taipei are so huge you feel like you are in a different world all together. Case in point: Modern Toilet, Jay Chou’s magic themed Déjà Vu, Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe, Brick Works (Lego) and Barbie Café. It was a rainy afternoon which voided my original intention of having fishballs and ‘Ah gei’ at Danshui, and we somehow landed at Aranzi Café. You couldn’t miss a bright turquoise-green shop with cartoon characters in a row of greyish looking shops and mini-marts. Welcome to Aranzi Cafe 阿朗基咖啡, which originated from Osaka Japan. Two words: Cuteness overload.......

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ShareTea - Love for Bubbletea

ShareTea – Love for Bubbletea

ShareTea remains one of my favourite bubbletea shops, so much so that I even went to Taipei for a one day training course. It was very enriching and made me realise so much work goes into a single cup. A fan of ShareTea too? The good news is Daniel’s...

June 13, 2012
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