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Rilakkuma Café Taipei - Cuteness Overload, Food Actually Not That Bad

I visited Taipei’s Rilakkuma Café 拉拉熊咖啡廳 on Valentine’s Day. Not that it was planned, but it was surprisingly not as crowded as I imagined (I read that reservation was A MUST). Despite not making a reservation, I could get seats easily. Thought this is something interesting: Rilakkuma’s name is a combination of リラックス ‘rirakkusu’, a Japanese transliteration of the English word “relax”, and クマ ‘kuma’, the Japanese word for ‘bear’. Getting here wasn’t that difficult, a short walk from Zhongxiao Dunhua Station Exit 3, where you should spot young couples and tourists posing with a Rilakkuma mascot outside......

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ShareTea - Love for Bubbletea

ShareTea – Love for Bubbletea

ShareTea remains one of my favourite bubbletea shops, so much so that I even went to Taipei for a one day training course. It was very enriching and made me realise so much work goes into a single cup. A fan of ShareTea too? The good news is Daniel’s...

June 13, 2012
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