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Street Churros 스트릿 츄러스 - Popular Churros Cafe With Churro Fries And Salted Cheese Latte At Itaewon, Seoul

Spanish churros were (once upon a time) very IN in Korea, appearing in long or tear-dropped shapes, glazed in chocolates, or served in soft-serves and desserts. Street Churros 스트릿 츄러스is a one of the most popular dessert spots in Seoul, located in the Itaewon area. For tourists, Itaewon is known to be the international district with diverse food culture. The churros shop started originally in the Gyeongridan street of Itaewon, and has been expanding to other parts in Seoul and worldwide. You can now find outlets in Malaysia, Taipei and even all the way to a food truck......

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