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Garang Grill by New Ubin Seafood - Bold Charcoal Flavours, Tasty Meats And Garang 'Heart Attack' Rice

My friends are fans of New Ubin Seafood. When news of Garang Grill by New Ubin Seafood came along, we mai tu liao (waited no longer) made our way to Swan Lake Avenue. One literally from Jurong. Faster than the fumes (Sorry, bad joke.) Garang Grill is New Ubin Seafood’s dream of a good neighbourhood grill, done in collaboration with Slake and its chef Jeremy Cheok. Though technically, Jeremy is considered part of the New Ubin Team now. The word “Garang” can mean “fierce” or “powerful”. As its name suggests, Garang Grill offers fierce, bold charcoal flavours that is......

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