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Seoul Jjimdak - Jjimdak and Army Stew Daebak! Special Promo At $23.90

Looking for a Korean restaurant to ’jio’ your friends to? Seoul Jjimdak is found at City Square Mall Level 5, specialising in Jjimdak, Army Stew and other Korean side dishes. The best part is, prices are affordable for its quantity and quality. Daebak! Jjimdak is largely a sharing dish which originated from Andong, made with chicken and various vegetables marinated in a spicy Korean ganjang (soy sauce) based sauce. Seoul Jjimdak signature ($36.90) is a pot of generous portions of braised succulent chicken (available with bones or boneless), potatoes, carrots, onions, dried chillis and with chewy glass potato noodles,......

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