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10 Unexpected Salted Egg Fusion Food In Singapore – Salted Egg Tendon, Ramen, Sushi Roll, Polo Bao!

Food such as Salted Egg Crabs, Salted Egg Wings, and Salted Egg Fish Skin are earning their keep as some of Singapore’s must-have “National Dishes”. While these can be considered expected favourites, how about some surprising Salted Egg fusion dishes? Never say never, because Salted Egg Tendon and Salted Egg Ramen have arrived in Singapore. For the adventurous foodies, you can look up the ”Salted Egg Shiok” map to check out the tempting salted egg dishes on our sunny island and their locations. Need some Salted Egg zhi char dishes for dinner after work? You can check it out.......

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