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Ki’s Roasted Goose Restaurant 棋哥燒鵝餐室 - Modern Roast Restaurant With Tasty BBQ Pork At Hong Kong

Traveling to this part of the world won’t be complete without experiencing the crisp skin and succulent flesh of this bird delicacy. Ki’s Roasted Goose Restaurant 棋哥燒鵝餐室 has been in the Hong Kong food landscape for more than 4 decades. (Thank you @EpicurusHongKong for recommending this shop, as it may have gone under-the-radar for Singaporean readers.) Founded on May 20, 1976, it is one of the go-to places when it comes to roasted goose, undeniably one of Hong Kong’s iconic dishes. This Guangdong-style restaurant is located near Victoria Park. Electric Road has plenty of eating places and......

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