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Afuri Ramen 阿夫利 – Tokyo’s Refreshing Yuzu Ramen

After having so many different types of tonkotsu ramen in Japan, Afuri’s 阿夫利 ligher chicken based stock with citrusy yuzu may add that blossoming in your mouth, and spring in your step. While Afuri also serves salt based Shio (880 Yen) and soya based Shoyu (880 Yen) variants, you should really try versions with yuzu (990 Yen). (FYI, Yuzu contains 3 times more Vitamin C than a lemon, and is traditionally used in Japan for health baths.) All the ramen dishes come with a sliced for grilled pork barbecued over charcoal, half a seasoned ajitama egg, bamboo......

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