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Katto - Poké Bowls With Asian, Singaporean Flavours. Affordable At $7.90

This is a like a Poké (pronounced ‘POH-keh’) Bowl, but ‘Singaporean-ised’. In Hawaii where Poké Bowls originated from, cubed fish in sauce are eaten over a bowl of sushi rice. Like deconstructed sushi. Katto is a quick-service restaurant which serves these bowls with some fun flavours, think Chicken Rice Chilli Salmon, Creamy Goma Tuna, Tangy Thai Tuna, Classic Shoyu Salmon and California Unrolled Salmon. Its location at Galaxis Building Fusionopolis Place, would mean office workers and gym goers (at nearby FF) can get one more healthy option. There are 6 flavours of Sashimi for you to choose from, 6......

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